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Toddler TWO for You

This little nugget is TWO for you!  I have captured this little one since he was just days old and he makes me all melty every single time!  Just the sweetest little face and a glance at such sweet, devilsh charm.  I know what you are thinking, “What if my toddler goes berserk and won’t even smile?!?”  I have the answers for you:

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I am a MOM, too.  I get it, well as much as any mom can understand the ups and downs and inner-workings of a toddler/young child.  We do not always know what they will do, how they will react or if they will do anything portrait worthy at all.  Portrait-worthy….what does that even mean?  I have been in your shoes, hoping and praying for the most angelic, perfect portrait.  But, guess what?  It always happens.  Sure, expectations might be unreasonable or a bit impossible, but we will capture images of your perfect, special, uniquely magical child.  That is what it is all about, right?  Every age and stage has magic, beauty and deserves to be captured.

Here are a few TODDLER TIPS for your next session:

Turquoise Door portrait photographer

FULL BELLY:  Yes, this is no Earth shattering idea, but prepping for a session can go a very long way.  The best light for portraits is early morning or the last hour of sunlight, so prepare for it.  Slight nap adjustments can really help if you know your child will be cranky at session time.

WELL RESTED:  Make sure your child isn’t hungry and ready for meal time.  Please stay away from skin, mouth staining foods or OREO teeth prior to a session , but crackers, cheese and simple foods on the way can hold them over.  It will help put a smile on their face and allow for some picture fun!

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COMFORTABLE:  Outfit styling is definitely important and something that my clients seem to hit out of the park!  I will work with you on outfits and provide feedback/input on best recommendations, but you know your child best.  Dressing them head to tow in frills and constraining clothing will release the inner three-nager in no time flat!  Simple and classic will always work.  Itchy fabrics, restrictive shoes or fussy necklines that get in their face will become their entire focus, so leave them in the closet.

Outfit resources:  Old Navy, Boden, Joyfolie, Crew Cuts and Target

Working with my littlest of clients is always a special treat and something that truly is a blessing.  Let’s set the stage for them to simply shine!

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