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Are you expecting in The Woodlands?  Are you feeling like a frumpy beached whale, like I did, or like a glamorous super hero that can conquer the world?  My guess is somewhere in the middle, ha!  Pregnancy….what in the world and how in the world did God come up with this plan?  It is utterly miraculous, nothing short of that for sure.  Yes, there are stages and days that are almost more than one can handle, but it is only a moment in time when one looks back over their life.  One in which, I am sure each mom would do again in a heartbeat if they had the options.  What am I getting at?  You might cringe at the thought of maternity pictures OR you might be over the moon excited…guess what?  Capture it.  Capture it, freeze it in visual images so you can look back and treasure the time.  Don’t be me.  Do not be the one to have only one image for each pregnancy because you were so wrapped up in your head with the thoughts of the beached whale.  You aren’t a beached whale.  You are a glamorous super hero that is carrying the dawn of life.  Astounding!The Woodlands maternity new mom

No matter how you are feeling, we will work out a plan that is the right fit for you!  Wild and rustic fields, in-home, a favorite park or whatever makes your heart sing…houston maternity portrait photographer

Love yourself, capture the miracle inside you and know there will be a day down the road that the images will make you tear up with complete and utter love!The Woodlands maternity photographer

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Holly Davis Photography specializes in child, family and high school senior portraiture in The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Magnolia, Montgomery and the North Houston area.  For pricing information click here or to contact me about scheduling your custom session today!

Have camera, willing travel photographer and lover of all things NEW!  Want me where you live?  Yep, sign me up! I am absolutely in love with being a destination family photographer.  These sweet families are some of the best on this Earth!  Seriously!  I was fortunate to meet both of these absolutely amazing, beautiful, loving, supportive and kind girl-bosses on Facebook.  Alice is one of the top wedding photographers in Minnesota at  Alice HQ Photography in LeSuer, MI, and Chana is the master of caramel at Sugar Wood.  When I say master, I absolutely mean it….my belly can attest to it!

These two dear friends coordinated together to fly me in to Minnesota for their family sessions.  Yes, how incredible is that!?!  Sure, we took some portraits, but spending a weekend with them and their families was just more than my heart could handle.  I was incredibly blessed and so forever happy.  The cancelled flight and monster mosquitos was totally worth all of the other moments of love, laughter, memories, incredible meals and fun.  I will never forget this weekend as it is stamped into my happy heart.

Houston family portrait photographer
destination family portrait photographer


Gah, just the most loving and precious families ever to walk this Earth!  Minnesota and Wisconsin were such a relief from the HOT Texas summer.  It was a dream to photograph here.

Spring Texas family portrait photographer

destination family photographer


destination family portrait photographer

Like I mentioned at the start, have camera, willing to travel….anywhere!

The Woodlands family photographer

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    I’m a class of 2017 senior, do you have any spots still available for March-April?ReplyCancel

    • admin - Howdy, Annie! I will send over an email to you about the options left. Thank you for reaching out to me. – HollyReplyCancel

  • Natalie Bode - Hello!!
    I am a 2017 senior as well, and was also wondering about any availability for march/April. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • admin - Howdy, Natalie! I will send over an email in the morning about the options remaining for the Class of 2017. Make sure to bounce over to http://www.hollydaviseniors.com if you haven’t already. – HollyReplyCancel