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This is a wonderful family that I know and love.  They have certainly seen us at our worst, HA!  They live by the lake and throughout the summer they open their door to us when we are tired, dirty lake rats.  Their love for each other is impressive and talk about a good looking bunch, man!

We finally got to meet after having to reschedule once for cold and rain.  Just as I was pulling up, a HUGE dark cloud loomed, but sure enough, it pushed on by.  It was a great session in such a cool little pocket park….thanks for the find Mrs. C!


So, I was able to upgrade my camera a few weeks ago and am in love.  Real love, hot, fresh and steamy!  I have been chomping at the bit to get out and really use it.  USE IT….not with dogs that will never stay, not with a husband that turns away and not with kids that look like they never brush their teeth or hair.

So, I did what a desperate portrait photographer and mom does…I paid my kids to head out into a field that has “haunted” my dreams.  Don’t mind the fact that it is adjacent to our subdivision’s convenience store, but I drive by it at least four times a day.  I have planned to take pictures of the kids there for months, but each time I thought I could squeeze it in, they’d mow the darn thing.

Well, the wait was worth it.  There is not much of Fall here, so it became the perfect spot to give the Fall vibe as the yellow flowers started to bloom and the grass turned brown.  It’s my version of wheat, OK?  Wheat equals FALL, right?

So here you go….my kids in the local Fall glory….next to the Shell station.  It only cost me $7.00, too!





I was touched when a sweet friend of mine referred this little guy’s mom to me.  As it turns out, it’s a small world and we actually had classes together at Texas A&M.  It rarely happens with my small, unknown major, so it was quite a laugh.  This little guy has had many photo sessions in his life and was READY and WILLING.  How often can that be said about taking pics of a 5 year old boy?  Well, he was adorable, sweet and loved to ham it up for the camera and tell US what would make a beautiful picture, his words, I promise.


We had a great time at the park with his super cool Jeep, then it was on to the pool for some more picture fun.  How great would it be to always end a hot Texas session with a dip in the pool?