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It was a Sunday.  The sun was rising, the sky was amazing….full of color, incredible cloud displays and amazing light.  The perfect set-up for a session…..ACK!  It was 44 degrees outside and in South Texas that is equivalent to blizzard weather!  The cool temps didn’t slow these two down for a second.

They were both a bundle of smiles and truly, truly some of the easiest kids that I have ever worked with.  “Hey, kids, look here and smile!” was all that was really necessary.  Of course, I through in way more ridiculousness to keep them entertained, but these two were a photographers dream.



To say I was excited about this session, is an understatement.  I have known this momma for many years and her elegance is honestly a quiet roar.  She exudes a serene level of class, despite the fact that she might say the opposite of herself.  She just does things so darn well, true story!

I just knew that the kids would all look spot on for a traditional, timeless family look.  They delivered!  This is one phenomenal family with spirit, personality and love galore!

My favorite sweet notion was the baby’s dress.  The little one was wearing a dress that mom had worn as a babe.  I wish I had pieces like this to pass down, BUT NO!  My wardrobe gems included things like a baby blue/cream/brown plaid ensemble that was texturally challenged to say the least.  This was paired with a matching baby blue jumper capped off  with a mushroom applique.  What?  When and why would a mushroom applique EVER be fashionable, charming, or cute on a little girl!  Thank heavens that this little one got blessed with a sweet red dress with eyelet apron, sigh.

Here is a quick look at the amazing R family.

OK, so the proud momma of these two dynamos is from Texas, but they are here for awhile and living it up!  You know the saying “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could”, well, it is my hope that is exactly how they will be feeling one day.

M & M are charming to the Nth degree and it doesn’t surprise me a bit.  Their mom has been impressing me since we were teens.  I absolutely love her, look up to her and just like to be around her any time that I can.  I have several from high school days that are on a mental list of mine, because they  are just simply remarkable women.

I have to thank Facebook for allowing me to see people that I am not close with in real life, but get to watch/stalk from a far.  I am not a creeper, I promise.  PROMISE! I just truly get drawn to people that are wickedly smart, solid, honest, loving people.  I am blessed that I am surrounded with people just like this in real life, too, but the world opened even further through social media and I love it.

By writing this, I am spurred to send them a note.  I do think it is important to acknowledge others and hopefully they will be thankful and not “unfriend” me/be creeped out.  I am going to hope for the positive. Ha!