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Hands down, ONE of my favorite sessions!  Why?  Well for may reasons: my first session of this type, the love between these girls is amazing and touching, they are all model beautiful and I have amazing girlfriends, too.  My group will be doing this very soon, even if they complain.

One of the friends is about the live overseas for a few years and they decided to capture the moment in time for her to take with her.  Fabulous idea!  So just a few hours before the Super Bowl was to commence (the husbands were already comfy with their beers and snacks), we headed out for some amazing laughs and captured memories.

I LOVE this idea and know just how life saving good girlfriends are….don’t put it off, do this with your girlfriends and have better than iPhone pics to look at later in life.


January started of quite rainy and caused us to reschedule this shoot at least once.  But, the day came, and when I say day, I mean beautiful warm temps, blazing sun and blue skies.  The K family was wonderful.  Little N was just adorably charming and he couldn’t wait to put his sports coat on at the end of the session for some snazzy pics.




OK, ok….so it is now February and I am just getting to this?!?  Eeek!  As many of you know, I just turned Holly Davis Photography into a business near summer’s end.  The holiday season of 2012 was unbelievable.  I had a goal in mind for the number of sessions that I hoped to obtain.  Well, it was blown out of the park!  I got behind in way more than just blogging my sessions.  Ask, my husband about the laundry and all things related to the home.  On second thought DON’T.  I am scared of what he would say.  So to quickly recap the end of 2012, here is a quick glimpse at some of the families that I had the pleasure of capturing.

2012 Holiday Families