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It’s time to party, it’s time to celebrate, it’s time to LOVE the precious miracle and magic of a child’s first year!  There is not a not a single stage of life that has such a dramatic, amazing growth as a child’s first year.  The tiny little fingers and toes are now sweet messy chubby hands and feet.  The cheeks are round and the eyes are bright!

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It flies by, full of the highest of highs and even some quiet desperate moments of “how in the world can I be responsible for this?”  The astonishment as you think back on the tiniest of newborns that totally captivated your heart with love is now walking or close to it!


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Shall we capture it with an amazing set of portraits or a fabulously fun cake smash?  Check out some these adorable cakes ideas that you can do yourself from Betty Crocker.  Is your little one a bit timid and cautious?  It is OK, many times they do not just dive in as we might think they will.  There are tips and tricks for that, too.  We are after capturing the story and a huge mess is not required at all!


The Woodlands Texas Cake Smash Photography

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The colors of FALL are finally showing here in The Woodlands, TX.  The greens are ebbing over to yellow, reds and oranges, all basking a gorgeous buttery light.  Photography dream come true!  What could possibly take it up yet another notch?  Three gorgeous kids and one with killer red hair.  Of course, I have a huge love for fellow red heads!


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Red hair….hmmmm, some think it is pretty crazy, statistics say it is rare, but in my world it is totally NORMAL.  I have red hair, my kids have red hair and I grew up on a block with 6 other red headed kids.  Maybe, I have been just skewed by this unique bubble from an early age and just don’t know any different.  (This little fella happens to be the son of one of the 6 red heads that I few up with. )  Did I always love my red hair…..NO, but what kid is always content with something that brings attention to them?  Do I love it now?  Yes, I do.  It is ME and the most bold characteristic that is on the surface.  Also, I also love the fact that everyone knows instantly which kids are mine and it keeps them in line when I am not around.  The “red head kid” did it…yep, they will come right to me!  Convenient as a parent, no?

Old Town Spring Photography

So, we all have things about us that stand out, get noticed are easily to recognize.  For me, it is my hair….my mom was even able to spot me from across Kyle Field at Texas A&M during a football game.  How cool is that?  There are things we can change about ourselves and things that can just be embraced.  Embrace yourself, love yourself!

Family Photographer!

Right smack dab in the middle of family holiday season, I got to spend a Texan-chic evening with one of my most special families.  They are beautiful, they prepare spectacular wardrobes, they are always up for any of my ideas and we brainstorm together like champs….BUT, that isn’t the only thing that I dearly love about them.

Years ago, when I was in a different industry, I had to read a book called, “Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Guide to Customer Service“.  I was knee deep in the cyclical stress that new home sales brings, but this book struck a chord with me that has carried over to my photography.  The photography market in The Woodlands, TX, and just about Anywhere, USA, is completely saturated.  There are photographers that will shoot endless frames, edit galleries of hundreds of images and only charge $50.  The fact that this is not sustainable, often done under the table, nor remotely profitable is another topic that is not the point of this post, but just given as a visual on the state of the market.  I am a HUGE supporter of a “free market” and admire how it truly filters out the successful from the non-successful all on its own, but what determines this success beyond profitability?

Back to the book, the fundamental take-away from “Raving Fans” was that the top differentiating factor for businesses is customer service.  All things can be 100% on par product wise, or frankly a lesser product, but adding in stellar customer service that competitors do not deliver can catapult a business to the upper tier of success.  This requires a vision, a systematic way of doing things and adding as little as just 1% MORE than anyone else offers on the service end.  Just 1%, alone, can distinguish you from the photographer that lives just down the street from you, around the block or in the next neighborhood.

So, what does doing this extra 1% on the back-end do for your business?  It creates RAVING FANS.  Customers that shout your name, spread the word, sing your praises to all that they know, because they felt cared for, treasured and appreciated by working with you.  We spend hours on end tweaking SEO, posting on Facebook, testing out Google +….you name it!  One raving fan, sharing their testimony will travel and impact far greater numbers.  Imagine delivering so strongly that you create a network of such loyal clients….it spreads, your message spreads, your work spreads…people work with whom they trust, people trust their friend’s opinions, they will seek the opportunity to work with you.  Your business will grow, you will profit, you can succeed in a saturated market by not competing on price…..FREEDOM!

So, these images are of one of my most favorite families that are also neighbors and friends that I treasure on a personal level, but on the business end, they are GOLD!

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