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The Woodlands Flowers

So the April Showers have been BRUTAL in The Woodlands, Texas, to say the least.  Gloomy, long days with only a few sunshine moments in between.  They say “April showers, bring May flowers”, but there is a delicate balance and most for he flowers in this area peek in April vs. May.  The Texas Bluebonnet is loved world-wide and we are especially blessed by them, but they are fickle.  My favorite spot didn’t even bloom this year, while others flourished.  However, there were enough to grab a sunny morning with some gorgeous little ones.  Seriously, a naked baby on a vintage quilt surrounded by bluebonnets.  Howdy from Texas! Swoon! Child Photography The Woodlands

During the peek wildflower times, photographers are out in masses.  My social media feeds a refolded with gorgeous families and kids all huddled together in the blooms.  The downside?  They are very weed-like, there are after concerns that need to be addressed and the need for respect is huge.  Tromping through the blooms ruins them for others and guess where they grow best?  In open fields amongst the blinding sun!  It is the time of year where knowing how to manage and read light is critical.  Take for example the images in the collage above.  The sun was already too high to shoot openly by 7:45am.  We had to use a quilt as a scrim to know down some of the light.  If we hadn’t, what would have happened?  Blown-out skin along one side of her face….boo!  Other options?  Adding fill light with off camera light stands….how does that work with a baby?  Its pretty rough if they are on the move.  So timing for wildflower sessions are critical.  The rain kept us from the soft evening light, so make sure you hire someone who is equipped with the knowledge needed to make it work.
Bluebonnet Portrait The Woodlands

As I wrapped my client session, my sweet friend brought her precious littles out for a few quick shots, too.  Guess where mom is?  Yep, holding up a giant quilt to stop down the light.  Worth some trembling arms…you bet!Montgomery Texas Child Photographer

A gorgeous girl now 17, yet missed the portraits for her sweet 16….what do we do….capture her always, right?  I get it it all to well, we moms get BUSY!  It happens, so we do the best that we can.  All we need is clear weather, so soft evening sun and the back of a parking lot.  Wait, what?  Yep, this is just the back of a parking lot and entrance to a corporate building in The Woodlands, Texas.  oohing more is needed with such a gorgeous gal.

Sneior Photographer The Woodlands

Yep, we waved to the person in their cubicle just on the other side of this glass. Ha!The Woodlands Senior Portraits

Ahhhh, pretty stone backdrop, right?  Weeeelllll, it was also the back entrance near the dumpsters.  Just follow the light and melt away the not so pretty background elements with atop quality lens.  Stunning!High School Portraits Conroe Texas

I love working with teens, such a mix of emotions and looks that can be pulled from them.Teen photography The Woodlands

Spring Texas Senior PortraitsSo you have a son who is a high school senior in Conroe, Texas?  Let me guess he is jumping at the chance to get his senior portraits taken….am I right?  Most often the answer would be “hardly”.  I would also venture to say that he is thinking it will be totally boring, stuff and in a boring studio.  Let the boy roam, take it outside and I promise that the entire experience with Holly Davis Photography will have him smiling and not regretting the “chore”.  How do I work to get senior guys into their photo session and please mom and dad?  We mak a plan together, we brainstorm, we incorporate activity, we move quickly and just allow your handsome son a few moments to shine.

The Woodlands Photography Senior

Sports, hobbies, favorite locations….you name it and we can do it.  Getting these details in line make it an adventure and truly capture all that they are, inside and out.  What 18 year old guy want to be in a cap and gown sitting on a stool in a dark, dreary studio?  Let him be the boy that he is and and we will capture the man that he is becoming at this pivotal time in his life.

Golf Senior Portrait The WoodlandsConroe Texas Senior Photographer


We can work through formal looks on to jerseys and casual tees.  It doesn’t matter to me…it matters to him.  I work very hard to blend the goals of the senior, as well as the parents all within my artistic eye.  It is often the first portrait session for your child that is just for them.  It is a celebration, a magic moment in time almost like a time-capsule.  Enjoy it, revel in it and it is OK to shed a tear along the way for nostalgia’s sake, too.