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Grandparent portrait session houston texas

Grandparent Photography Session in Tomball, TX

Lolli and Pops are the BIGGEST fans of these little guys!  Their love for each other clearly runs so deep.  Huge hugs, the sloppiest of kisses and laughs galore!  Not much organization goes into the posing of a two and half and four year old so they gave us a workout, but the sweat was entirely worth it for their Lolli’s birthday. What a fabulous gift idea for your loved one, too.  Gift them a Grandparent Photography Session in Tomball, TX.  You can contact me for a custom gift certificate, too.

Grandpa and grandchild portrait houston

We call this the “dog pile”, ha!  I twas very easy to get the boys to all pile on Pops.  This simple suggestion elicited the most darling of laughs and such a sweet, precious moment.  Look at those squished noses, just makes your heart melt.  These little moments in between our attempts at a posed portrait truly show the love and admiration that all of them feel for each other.  Just in case you were worried, no Pops were harmed in the making of that image. 🙂

Grandparent Photography Session in Tomball, TX

We did manage to capture seven posed, classic shots while we spent our time together.  I won’t lie, there was a bit of Photoshop magic involved in some of them.  In fact, take a look at how four images came together to create the first image in this post. Hey, some sessions require these skills and I work very hard to maintain them for my clients.

Portrait Editing for child family session

Now, I saved a super special one for last.  Happy Birthday, Lolli.  You are truly loved!

Grandma with grandchild hug portrait houston

Ummmmm, it is February 2017 and I am JUST getting around to posting the absolute fantastic fun that the fall mini family sessions were in 2016.  Why so late?  The launch of Holly Davis Seniors is why!  I have loved every minute….screeeeech….OK not every minute, but all the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months all came together to bring me great joy.  Whew, that is much more realistic.  Check out all of these magnificent SMILES!

Family mini sessions in Houston, Texas

Mini portrait sessions in studio in The Woodlands

The Holly Davis Photography family mini-sessions are always a HOT commodity and they are snatched up so quickly.  Not only does this make my heart feel the love, I also get so excited that amidst the occasional chaos, LOVE is captured.  Smiling moms and dad, kids bouncing all around….it is fast and it is fun.  Why the studio this year?  Well, previous year’s have dealt it’s rainy hand which scatters the schedule in a million different directions.  Also, I wanted to offer a new look and option to my faithful clients that I get blessed to capture each and every year.  So, the plan for family mini sessions in Houston Texas, was put into place at Fill in the Blank Studio.
Mini portrait sessions in studio Houston Texas

I know everyone is after the perfect image for their holiday cards, but I also aim to capture some of the in-between moments.  The ones that will tug on your heart as the years go by.  The moments that absolutely put your loving bonds in visual form.  Photographs are absolutely something that grows more valuable as the year’s go by.  What you appreciate today in an image will bring tears to your eyes down the road.  They are just one of your family legacies that will last for future generations.

 Studio family mini sessions in Houston Texas

How do you get in in the family mini-session fun?  Each year, I select a new location and send all of my treasure existing clients a VIP invite to sign-up prior to releasing the dates and times to new clients.  I typically announce on my Facebook and Instagram page alerting the fans/followers when to expect the live booking announcement for new clients.  What will 2017 be?  To be determined….ha!

Holly Davis Seniors is launching in The Woodlands, Texas!  Wowzers, I have been busy behind the scenes here at Holly Davis Photography!  As you know, I specialize in children, family and high school senior portraiture.  The three categories have always been presented together at Holly Davis Photography, but I just had a major tug on my heart to give my amazing seniors their own space within my brand. Soooooo…..(drumroll)……click the logo if you are ready for the FUN!


It has been a labor of love behind the scenes with the help of a fantastic web designer to get everything customized and the social media sites established.  OK y’all, I am old to be trying to run two sets of everything on the web, BUT it is to worth it to me.  The HDS senior experience deserves to be seen on it’s on, despite the followers missing out on seeing the adorably, cute babes and kids on my HDP feed.  Its pretty GORGEOUS as you can see on the senior side of life though.

Holly Davis Seniors pledge:  “We will work together to create a unified vision to capture the joy in your heart, your one of a kind beauty and the truly remarkable spirit within.  The photography, in the end, becomes a visual that becomes more and more valued with time.”  Join me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


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