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This was a session all about my gratitude for this beautiful momma!  Mrs. R is one of my daughter’s 4th grade teachers.  When she first arrived at our elementary school, she was in a general class for all grades.  At the end of the year, my mom and I went to the awards ceremony.  Both of us were smitten instantly when Mrs. R opened her award ceremony with the most loving introduction to all of the kids.  My mom and I both prayed that she would be in E’s life for years to come.


A few years later, Mrs. R was moved to 4th grade and I just knew E would have her and have such an amazing year.  I am eternally grateful to Mrs. R for a fabulous last year of elementary school for my daughter, E.  Thank you for your all of your endless work and love that you give to your students.

Spring Texas Family Photography

I knew this trio would be fabulous as their beautiful momma drove all the way from South of Houston for a bluebonnet mini-session.  Despite the long journey….man, our city is HUGE, these adorable three kids kept from the car ready to shine for their session.  As we were finishing the session, I twisted their sweet mom to jump into a picture with them.  “I don’t match.”  “I wasn’t prepared to be in the pictures, too!”  Well, guess what, with a touch of Photoshop magic, we captured on of the best of the session….ALL coordinating in color.  I look forward to many more sessions with this family as I kinda fell in love with them.:-)

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