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OH my, oh MY!  My kids are way over the FUN of having their photog-mom take their pictures, but I hit the motherlode with this one!  My mister was out of town for almost a week and a half straight, so the kids and I had really started to run out of things to entertain ourselves with….UNTIL…..

Kelloggs Fruit Loops Photography


BAM!  I had my daughter on-board and we raced to Target for supplies!  In hindsight, this could have been done easier and for much less money, but once our minds were made up we went the adventurous route…which turned out to be hilarious!

In our largest bathtub, we used 14 gallons of milk, four gallons of the hottest water the sink would give us (because when you bring milk home from the store it is WAY TO COLD for the BRAVEST of 10 year olds to plunge into…OOOPS!) and a GIANT box of Froot Loops brings you heaps of laughs, huge smiles from your daughter and quite possibly a nod to being the most fun mom in the world (at least for a short moment).

These images now adorn her room displayed as large canvas prints and will forever be one heck of a sweet memory from us both!  My son’s reply to this…..”Why did you use ALL of the milk?  I want to eat Froot Loops!”  You just can’t win them all.

Should you attempt this, I have been told that one large box of powdered milk and some cornstarch in warm bath water would have done the trick.  I am not sure of that myself without testing it out, but it would have been much cheaper than our $60 worth of milk.  I just feared having to mask in or Photoshop the “milk” for authenticity.

Froot Loop Portrait The Woodlands, Texas
Houston, TX Child Photographer
The Woodlands, TX Child Photographer

A first birthday is a HUGE event!  It is so hard to truly appreciate all that this milestone celebrates.  There are so many firsts that there isn;t a mother alive that doesn’t look back on her child’s first year and has a heart full of love and wonder.  The Woodlands, TX, set the foundation to this gorgeous family all celebrating together for little H’s first birthday fun!

The Woodlands, TX Family Photography