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A gorgeous girl now 17, yet missed the portraits for her sweet 16….what do we do….capture her always, right?  I get it it all to well, we moms get BUSY!  It happens, so we do the best that we can.  All we need is clear weather, so soft evening sun and the back of a parking lot.  Wait, what?  Yep, this is just the back of a parking lot and entrance to a corporate building in The Woodlands, Texas.  oohing more is needed with such a gorgeous gal.

Sneior Photographer The Woodlands

Yep, we waved to the person in their cubicle just on the other side of this glass. Ha!The Woodlands Senior Portraits

Ahhhh, pretty stone backdrop, right?  Weeeelllll, it was also the back entrance near the dumpsters.  Just follow the light and melt away the not so pretty background elements with atop quality lens.  Stunning!High School Portraits Conroe Texas

I love working with teens, such a mix of emotions and looks that can be pulled from them.Teen photography The Woodlands

Spring Texas Senior PortraitsSo you have a son who is a high school senior in Conroe, Texas?  Let me guess he is jumping at the chance to get his senior portraits taken….am I right?  Most often the answer would be “hardly”.  I would also venture to say that he is thinking it will be totally boring, stuff and in a boring studio.  Let the boy roam, take it outside and I promise that the entire experience with Holly Davis Photography will have him smiling and not regretting the “chore”.  How do I work to get senior guys into their photo session and please mom and dad?  We mak a plan together, we brainstorm, we incorporate activity, we move quickly and just allow your handsome son a few moments to shine.

The Woodlands Photography Senior

Sports, hobbies, favorite locations….you name it and we can do it.  Getting these details in line make it an adventure and truly capture all that they are, inside and out.  What 18 year old guy want to be in a cap and gown sitting on a stool in a dark, dreary studio?  Let him be the boy that he is and and we will capture the man that he is becoming at this pivotal time in his life.

Golf Senior Portrait The WoodlandsConroe Texas Senior Photographer


We can work through formal looks on to jerseys and casual tees.  It doesn’t matter to me…it matters to him.  I work very hard to blend the goals of the senior, as well as the parents all within my artistic eye.  It is often the first portrait session for your child that is just for them.  It is a celebration, a magic moment in time almost like a time-capsule.  Enjoy it, revel in it and it is OK to shed a tear along the way for nostalgia’s sake, too.

There was the most gorgeous ballerina in The Woodlands, TX the other night, I swear….more majestic that spotting the Easter Bunny.  😀  Seriously, impossible to top…the elegance, the grace, the talent and beauty just exudes from the The woodlands College Park senior.  My heart bursts just looking at this.  I want it to be me, my daughter my friend, my neighbor, you name it!  Wasn’t the sky just perfect, too.  Thanks be to God on that one!Houston Senior Photographer

T2015-03-31_0002The Woodlands Senior Ballet PhotographyT2015-03-31_0003

The frightened ballerina,
standing on her toes
stood behind the curtain
in a dainty pose.
Having practiced faithfully
hour after hour,
inside her heart was pounding.
Outside her muscled power
overcame her fear.

The overture now playing,
each note was in her ear.
And as the curtain opened
it took away her fear.
The stage, the lights
became her love.
Each pirouette and leap
took her way above
into a different sphere.

The audience, mesmerized,
intent on every motion,
appreciation on their faces
showed deep emotion.
And as the music ended
she took her final bow.
No longer was
she frightened,
in fact emboldened now.
She knew why she was here.

To dance, to dance
at every given chance.
To hear the applause
and hear them call her name.
And so the ballerina
standing on her toes
so graceful and dainty
is awed as she does hear.
‘Bravo, bravo,
bravo, my dear.’