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We wanted nature portraits in The Woodlands and options abound.  We headed out to Spring Creek Greenway and found beautiful greens and signs of fall in North Houston.  The park has wonderful trails, lawns, a pond and is just a glorious setting for family portraits and FUN.  This family of 6 was fabulously fun and it was a true blessing spending the hour with them.  At full family photography sessions in The Woodlands, TX, we work in the traditional posed shots for the full family all the way down to candid shots of siblings just having fun together.  it works, it creates beautiful custom art for your home.

Spring Creek Nature Preserve

We had ONE main goal for the family portrait session and it was a HUGE canvas for above their mantle.  Mom typically likes shots of the full family all seated and huddled together.  That set the goal for me.  I wanted to mix it up on her and capture a stunning standing shot that still maintained connection and showed their love and personalities.  BOOM, we did it!  The gorgeous shot above is now a gorgeous canvas in their home!

The Woodlands Nature PortraitSpring Creek Nature Center is a true community gem.  My family has enjoyed this park for walks, bike rides and the great outdoors.  Now, who am I kidding, it occasionally is like pulling teeth to rally the family to head out there, BUT in the end, a great time is had by all.  What is it about getting out into nature that revives the spirits?  The sun, the views, energy released…the peace?  We all need it and take the time all too rarely.

Wether it be for portraits with me or just to get a break with your family, enjoy it!

The Woodlands Family Portrait

Extended family time in The Woodlands, TX!  I love this time of year, when families gather for the holidays, traditions take place and love abounds!  Yes, we all snap shots with our cell phones and even “fancy cameras”, but having professional portraits taken of the generations is priceless.  While these do not replace the images of you uncle napping after Thanksgiving dinner or the little ones smearing mashed potatoes on their nose, portraits have there place, too.  Which do you want enlarged and hanging on your wall, right?   These are the images that show our bonds, our family and the love between us.  From grandmothers, to children to the grandkids and cousins.  Having these displayed in our house makes it a warm, loving home.  They will be treasured long after our days.  They are so worth the effort and hour that we spend together, promise!

The Woodlands TX Family Photographer

At these extended, full family sessions, we will capture the entire group and break it down into all different combinations to truly get the sense of your fun, gorgeous family.  Cousins, grandkids, parents and adult siblings….all of it!  All of the FUN!

Houston Family Photography

Then, we will also capture the immediate family groupings, too.

The Woodlands TX Family Photographer

Families with young ones, families with teens….they all need documenting and to be lovingly displayed.

The Woodlands TX Family Photography

JOY, this is a the joy of family.


The Woodlands TX Family Photographer

AND< how about the styling with tis crew?!?  Fantastic and a perfect match for this rustic urban setting.  It was a pleasure to spend this evening with this bunch and I am forever grateful for the laughs, the smiles and the love.

The Woodlands TX Family Photography

As The Woodlands senior photographer, I get to hang out with the best of the Class of 2016!  The year is in full swing, Homecoming is over with, football season is heading into play-offs and the holidays will be here before we know it.  What are your plans for your senior portraits here in The Woodlands, TX?  What season makes the most sense for your favorite styles?  Warm fall colors with layers?  Fresh spring colors and warmer temps?  We can find just the right season for you to SHINE.

Need help with ideas a colors? (Click the links: Girls and Guys)  Holly Davis Photography can help your through the entire experience.  EXPERIENCE, yes that is exactly what it is.  From the start, we are in this together and the more we get to know each other and brainstorm a plan, the better the final results will be.  We will talk through what makes the most sense for YOU and incorporate ideas from mom and/or dad, too.  We can;t leave them out entirely, right?  The location often sets the stage, so we will match that up with who you are and what you want.

What does this all end up looking like?  Let’s walk through a portion of a 2016 senior from The Woodlands High School.  A simple white dress in a gorgeous park ….stunningly simple and showcased so many expressions and her personality.  Wowzers, she was amazing despite being reserved and nervous.  It is OK to feel a bit awkward at first, totally normal!

The Woodlands Senior Photographer


The Woodlands Senior Photographer


See how the above and below show two totally different sides of her.  Fresh and sweet, then jaw-droppingly strong and gorgeous.
The Woodlands Senior Photographer


Next we moved onto a style fit for cooler temps and even RAIN!  Yes, we made it rain….like with water not money. 😀  I love creative challenges and the fun they bring to a session.

The Woodlands Senior Photographer


We were not quite singing in the rain, but the joy and laughs were priceless.
The Woodlands Senior Photographer

Lastly, we changed locations.  This lady is a world class tennis player and the courts made complete sense for us.  She has spent years honing her talents on the court, so we had to include it.  The plan is to capture all that you are, activities included, right?  Just look at this warm, buttery light….stop it, so pretty!

The Woodlands Senior Photographer


I hope this visual helps you to envision your own senior session, what I do and what we can achieve.  It’s YOUR YEAR, and we want it captured for the NOW and generations to come.  Now booking for 2016.

  • Sheree Mims - Holly,
    When is your next available Saturday for a consult? My daughter is graduating from Spring High this year and loves the pictures you took of Ashley Patterson. She’s super shy and needs your help in creating great pictures.

    Sheree Mims