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Family Portraits with Teens in The Woodlands, TX

Family Portraits with Teens in The Woodlands, TX….OK, I know some of you are already thinking “My kids would NEVER do this!”  Just take a look at this session and read along, you would be surprised.

Family Portraits with Teens in The Woodlands, TX in grassy field

I spoke with this mom initially about senior portrait for her son under my high school senior brand,  Holly Davis Seniors.  She shared with me that it had been quite some time since they had a family portrait session and it was a bittersweet year with her oldest being a senior.  My son is 16, so my heart truly relates to moms of teens.  It is amazing to watch them truly come into their own and succeed, BUT also a major time of adjustment for parents and the entire family.  Our goal is to raise them to be ready to take on the work; however, reaching that goal brings a certain sadness and longing, too.

Now along with these teens years, there are definitely stressful moments and vying for the cooperation can make the toughest cruel at times, right?  Yes, family portraits are not at the top of the list for most teens.  BUT, even in their toughest moments, deep down they love you and want to be a reason for making you happy.  They really do!  They might argue, but in the end, they will show up and BLOW you away.  They might roll their eyes when you get teary over an image, but there will be immense pride underneath knowing they are that important to YOU, mom and dad.

family with teens in a grassy field

Family Portraits with Teens in The Woodlands, TX

teen girl in grassy field in Old Town Spring

OK, I am about to make you cringe….get the family portraits in or BEFORE you know it, there could be a wedding!  Gasp!  It will truly be another incredible day in your family’s lives, but it also forever changes things.  The dynamics and responsibilities shift.  The moments in which you can have an image of just the original bunch dwindles and who wants their last immediate family image to be all stiffly, formal up on the altar of a wedding?!?  Rarely do those formal pictures show the natural bonds, joy and love amidst a family.

teens and dad picture in grassy field

family pictures with teens in grassy field

So, in the end, take the time bribe them initially if you have to, GET THE PICTURES!  Life moves on so treasure the NOW that will soon become the past.

mother and teens in grassy fieldThe Woodlands teen photographer

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