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I like to say that every day is a HOLLY-day, but in reality, every single day is more about those around me than myself.  That fact, completely warms my servant’s heart to no end.  I treasure genuine relationships, pure conversations and sharing life’s incredible journey with anyone from strangers in Target (it happens) to my closest girlfriends.  Many astute business people claim that there is no room for friendship in the business world, but I just can’t work that way.  I find that my life is much richer through relationships and for the love that pours out, most often coming back in return.  I have yet to have a portrait session that I, honestly, couldn’t transition into a fun dinner out with friends!

As a specialized child, family and high school senior portrait photographer, my inner nerd rejoices!  The technical aspects of gear, camera techniques, posing science and post processing in Photoshop to capture just the right final image makes me absolutely giddy.  Of course, on the flip side, all the need for proper technique can be tossed right out the window for a beautifully captured emotional connection between a mom and child, husband and wife, a senior in a killer prom dress and the sweet shy glance of a precious child.  I have a natural streak for on-location, traditional portraiture with a fresh, clean, modern edge.  At every session, I also try to mix in pure emotions and moments….images that capture a memory that the heart want to save forever.

Holly, simplified:
Fightin’ Texas Aggie

Photo Credit:  Shabby Jack Photography