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The joys in capturing a wee little turning ONE makes my heart leap!  Here in the Woodlands, TX, it has been cake smash season…four already this year!  So, I have put together my “top 3 cake smash session tips” for you!  Let’s start with BEFORE the session…

Spring Texas Cake Smash

TIP # 1:  RESEARCH your photographer!

Cameras, lenses, shooting style, editing techniques, experience in the craft, studio, outdoors…all of these things make for a significant impact on your final images.  Today’s world is absolutely full of photographers.  This can seem overwhelming, but it is really your chance to find exactly what you are looking for in the end.  How  do you want for your final images to look?  Narrow it down, see if a pattern forms that catches your eye.  NOW, seek a photographer that showcases that style!  Do not expect to hire a photographer that shows one consistent style and expect or request something different entirely.  Use caution hiring a photographer that showcases many different styles, as who know what you will end up with, right?

And, now for the hot-button.  PRICE.  Do you want digital images for scrapbooking and keep-saking?  Will glorious wall displays fill your home with smiles and family joy?  Is price the number one factor or can you budget for the quality and style that you are dreaming of?  It is impossible to find good, cheap and fast all from one professional, right?  Something has to give there.  What is most important to you?  Match it all up with the style you have narrowed down and get to booking.   The fun of planning the session details from there with your photographer is absolutely part of the celebration’s fun!

Tomball Texas Photographer

TIP #2:  Session Timing

I am an on-location photographer that uses the gorgeous sun for light, so this tip is paramount, critical…vital.  Your session needs to be planned around optimal lighting to get the results that you are envisioning or you need to hire a photographer that uses off camera lighting to balance the harsher light mid-day.  This can be difficult with a one year old, though, as many of them move on a whim, in a flash.

Montgomery Texas PhotographerThe first hour of light and the last hour of light on a clear day will absolutely produce softer, more even toned results.  How does this mesh with your baby’s sleep schedule?  It can require some tweaking to their nap schedule, but your investment that will last a lifetime and not be repeated warrants it.  The location may have a shaded area that can work, but if you want no limitations for your session, timing is everything.  No one wants harsh shadowed raccoon eyes, spots of over exposed skin from the sun or neon green/yellow tones from it being too bright in the background.


TIP #3  Patience is Key

For many, this is the FIRST time that anything big, brightly colored and sweet has been just plopped down in front of your little one.  The most common thing is that they instantly look up at you with a “what in the world am I to do with this” face.  It’s priceless and precious.  Very few of my  sweet babes ever tear into the cake with gusto.  You often have to coax them to get it started.  Those with older siblings can move a little quicker with it.  Only the strong survive!:-) Sometimes, THIS happens.  Hey, it’s his party, he can cry if he wants too!

The Woodlands Texas Photography

This needs to be a relaxed session, no stressing will benefit anyone involved.  On this one simply scooped this handsome guy up, snuggled a bit, walk around and re-set when he was ready.  You are looking for images to tell a story.  A loving tale of your baby that is turning one.  So much of a story can be created just by series of 5-10 images.  Your child might not like being messy, dig in without help, or require Cheerios or another favorite snack to be hidden on the back side of the cake to get them to reach for the cake.  Be prepared to just go with the flow, trust your photographer, work with what is right for them and you will be blown away by the sweet moments that are captured.  Just have towels, wipes, etc. on hand for the clean-up IN CASE they really dig right on in elbow deep!


Conroe Family Photography


I hope these 3 cake smash session tips help you create a lasting memory and stunning imagery to treasure for a lifetime!  Cake smash session’s with Holly Davis photography also include pre-cake portrait fun!  Seriously, how fun is it to be ONE!

The Woodlands Family PhotographerMagnolia Texas Child photography

The Woodlands Family Photography
The Woodlands Photography


I am OVER THE MOON!  I developed my branding for Holly Davis Photography in The Woodlands, Texas, prior to the nautical trend totally taking over the fashion and decor world.  I was looking for classic, fresh and fun.  I see my images as being the same along with clean, crisp and rich color.  As a family, we love to be on the water…be it lake, beach or pool throughout the summer days.  It just fit me, and what I wanted to translate through my brand and business.

Nautical Anchor USB

These custom anchor shaped USB drives were a very tough find, but the moment I saw them…SCORE!

Nautical Photography Packaging

I knew I wanted to incorporate The Dirty Goat’s fabulous all-natural bath products and my favorite indulgence,  bath bombs.  Why a relaxing treat?  Well, I know prepping for a session can be stressful. I am a mom that hires a photographer for family portraits each year, too.  Despite the weeks of planning down to the level that no one is in doubt of what they will be wearing and what is expected, it takes me, hours for my own hair, make-up and styling.  I know the nervous energy in whether or not the kids will behave or choose to unleash all of their pent up internal crazy on a stranger like wild banshees.  (Some might, but you know what?  We will deal with it and you can rest assured that I have been there, too, with my own.)  I GET IT, so I wanted to include a special treat for a relaxing end to it all.  The images are captured, the art is hanging on your walls…you deserve the hugest of trophies, but a relaxing bath might be even better, right?

Check out this magnificence from The Dirty Goat!  Just wait until you smell it, too!

Anchor Bath Bomb Packaging

Special touches and carefully selected elements all come together to showcase the magnificent artwork that we created together.  This is THE POINT of it all, beautifully displayed artwork of you and your family for generations to come.  Files on a hard drive or a pretty Facebook profile.cover image are not MY goal for you.  PRINT YOUR IMAGES.  It is a triumph of your beauty, love and connections all wrapped in a package worthy of it’s nature.

Nautical Canvas Packaging

Ribbon:  Zazzle
USB:  Alibaba
Anchor Charms:  Etsy
Mini-Gift Tags:  Moo
Jars:  Target
Bath Bombs:  The Dirty Goat
Reusable Shopping Tote:  Discount Mugs
Print Boxes and USB Box:  HB Photo




OH.MY.HEAVENS!  This is what the beauty of a rustic Texas landscape is all about!  A gorgeous, loving family just surrounded by the glorious state that we live in.  Seriously, these two little girls, their mom and dad all basked in warm evening light just makes magical moment.  STOP, wha?  Ha, it was only in the upper 40’s temperature wise and we had to move FAST before they all froze.

Who would ever know though by the magical portraits that were created.  This first family image is one that makes me wish that it was my family in their place.  I just love the grasses, the amazing sunset the we were blessed with and the soft subtle tones.  Is it weird if I put them on my wall?  Yes, yes….I think it would be, too.:-)

The Woodlands Family Photography

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