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Sessions, sessions, photography sessions galore in Spring, TX!  One might think that being a photographer become rote, stale, repetitive, etc.  There are moments that I fear that happening, but every session has its own unique feel, its own personality and its own special magic.

Of course, I think through a basic session plan prior to meeting my sweet clients, but the consists of knowing the light and which areas to start in first and progress through as the light changes.  I research posing, think through what my goals are in terms of set-ups and combinations in advance, but much of that can be tossed right out the window as I meet a new family, a return family or just even a lone subject.  Personality, relationships, interaction, bonds….all of those nuances completely make each session unique from one to the next.

It never gets boring, it never ceases to amaze me and bless my heart and soul.  I am grateful to have a special view of the love and beauty within each one of my clients.  It is thrilling, it is challenging and it is what I dearly love to do.


The Woodlands Headshot Photographer
The Woodlands Photographer
The Woodlands Family Photographer
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Smiles…are the goal, right?  Indeed, however, I am not after the ear to ear, tense jaw, dead-eyed, my mom told me I had to smile images.  Nope!  Sure, there are ages and stages and sessions in which for outside reasons, those might be the best smile one gives, BUT it is not without trying for more.

Each and every session is a chance for a relationship to start, truly.  I approach each and every session with a new child, family or senior with a mission to have them see me as a friend or someone that get’s part of them.  It can anything that connects the two of us.  It can be a love for the same things, a shared laugh over the same corny joke, it can be teasing their dad about having an invisible booger in their nose.  It makes no difference in what IT is, just that we open our hearts to connecting with another person on some level for an hour, minutes or even just one beautiful moment.


This is ONE glorious moment that I was blessed in sharing with them. <3

The Woodlands Family Photographer
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Montgomery Family Photographer