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Hold the phone….MAGIC happened here recently!  About 6 months ago, I received an email from a high school senior in Odessa, Texas.  She was inquiring about a senior session with me (form The Woodlands, Texas)….what?  I was over the moon from the start with this sweet, incredibly smart and talented girl.  My first though was “how in the WORLD did she find me?”  I had to call her back right away, this was fantastically exciting.  Lo and behold she found me on Pinterest!  She had a specific plan in mind and was looking for fresh, clean, rich color.  OK, it also helped that the clincher was that I was an Aggie, too.  (Which was listed on my Pinterest bio.)

We planned via conference calls with her mom and me and formed a timed out plan.  Well, guess what….the forecast plummeted to rain as our date finally neared.  NOOOOOOOOO, this was a dream session, this was fate, this was magic all coming together from across the huge state of Texas.  I put my foot down with mother nature and insisted, that she allow this to happen for us.  She just had to, right?

Texas A&M Administration Building Portrait Photography

We decided to move our entire road trip plan to a morning start, in hopes that the rains wouldn’t arrive earlier than my 50 million weather apps predictcted.  We started at the Administration building at the Texas A&M campus.  Beautiful M, will be an Aggie fish next year, so we off-set her classic beautiful blue dress with the lovely architecture.  Ahhhhhhh, this was already reaching photography nirvana.  But, wait….
Bluebonnet photography Senior Portrait

M also wanted wildflowers, ideally bluebonnets, and we set out into the Bryan College Station area that they had scoped out the day before.  Along with us for the day were M’s parents.  To say that the 4 of us had a blast really doesn’t cut it.  Laughs, joy, sharing of memories….genuine kindness at its best.  We sealed our “friends forever” pact over burgers at the Dixie Chicken.   Our senior portrait session morphed into the fusing of lives, shared values and FUN.  By this time, we were way beyond just working together for a few photographs.  It is the sweetest of moments when a client turns into a friend.  The special moments that validate all that I do.  Hey, it was a road-trip session, so we were then off to the next stop of this journey.  The Aggie Barn.  YES!!!!!Texas A&M Aggie Photographer

M will soon be joining the fighting’ Texas Aggie Class of 2019, WHOOP!  I am jealous (gah, my days in Aggieland were fun), I am proud and I was beaming just watching this family lovingly gaze at their gorgeous girl.  And by girl, I even mean BIRTHDAY GIRL!  Yep, more magic, it was her 18th birthday to top it off!Texas A&M 2019 Aggie Fish

So this blog really went into more detail about a session than normal, but it truly was one of the greatest days of my photography business.  A new, from afar client found by social media, a beautiful girl and her parents and a road trip to some of my own very favorite places on this Earth.  We wrapped the shoot around 4:00pm, ten minute later while driving back home…… YOU GUESSED IT, RAIN!  Life is good.

Graduation time is almost here for high school seniors in The Woodlands, TX…..my class of 2015 is almost complete and it’s GO time!  What a whirlwind of fun at the end of senior year.  As prom approaches, celebrations fill your weekend and your dreams of heading off to college or your career are becoming reality.  Will you remember all of the fun and exactly who you were as the years go by?  Will you be able to look back on your son or daughter’s senior portraits and feel the swelling of love in your heart?  By all means, I hope so.  Capture it, save it safely and print all that you can for the decades to come.Soccer Senior Portrait Photography

Ahhhhh, soccer is a sport near and dear to my heart.  As a former soccer player, this is KILLER!  I love that he was game to mix up the traditional a bit on a dark dramatic evening.  The Woodlands Senior Photographer

A senior session has the goal of capturing a full look at the facets and styles of this time.  A balance of fun, personalized images that skirt traditional and more relaxed looks.  Hello, how about this classic movie star face.  Handsome!Oak Ridge Senior photographer Spring Texas

Letter jackets….many of today’s kids love or loathe them.  They are classic high school, though and are worth capturing at least for a brief moment or two.Senior Portrait Photographer Spring Texas

The Woodlands Flowers

So the April Showers have been BRUTAL in The Woodlands, Texas, to say the least.  Gloomy, long days with only a few sunshine moments in between.  They say “April showers, bring May flowers”, but there is a delicate balance and most for he flowers in this area peek in April vs. May.  The Texas Bluebonnet is loved world-wide and we are especially blessed by them, but they are fickle.  My favorite spot didn’t even bloom this year, while others flourished.  However, there were enough to grab a sunny morning with some gorgeous little ones.  Seriously, a naked baby on a vintage quilt surrounded by bluebonnets.  Howdy from Texas! Swoon! Child Photography The Woodlands

During the peek wildflower times, photographers are out in masses.  My social media feeds a refolded with gorgeous families and kids all huddled together in the blooms.  The downside?  They are very weed-like, there are after concerns that need to be addressed and the need for respect is huge.  Tromping through the blooms ruins them for others and guess where they grow best?  In open fields amongst the blinding sun!  It is the time of year where knowing how to manage and read light is critical.  Take for example the images in the collage above.  The sun was already too high to shoot openly by 7:45am.  We had to use a quilt as a scrim to know down some of the light.  If we hadn’t, what would have happened?  Blown-out skin along one side of her face….boo!  Other options?  Adding fill light with off camera light stands….how does that work with a baby?  Its pretty rough if they are on the move.  So timing for wildflower sessions are critical.  The rain kept us from the soft evening light, so make sure you hire someone who is equipped with the knowledge needed to make it work.
Bluebonnet Portrait The Woodlands

As I wrapped my client session, my sweet friend brought her precious littles out for a few quick shots, too.  Guess where mom is?  Yep, holding up a giant quilt to stop down the light.  Worth some trembling arms…you bet!Montgomery Texas Child Photographer