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OH.MY.HEAVENS!  This is what the beauty of a rustic Texas landscape is all about!  A gorgeous, loving family just surrounded by the glorious state that we live in.  Seriously, these two little girls, their mom and dad all basked in warm evening light just makes magical moment.  STOP, wha?  Ha, it was only in the upper 40’s temperature wise and we had to move FAST before they all froze.

Who would ever know though by the magical portraits that were created.  This first family image is one that makes me wish that it was my family in their place.  I just love the grasses, the amazing sunset the we were blessed with and the soft subtle tones.  Is it weird if I put them on my wall?  Yes, yes….I think it would be, too.:-)

The Woodlands Family Photography

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Set back on some hidden acreage lives one of my very favorite families!  I drool every time I go out to visit my dear sweet friend and her family.  To her this place is just home and often a place that constantly reminds her of all the chores that need to be done.

Of course, she loves her home and land, as it serves as a magical place to raise her kids and soak up the loves of her life.  But, land takes a lot of upkeep, the cows need to be fed, the fields need to be mowed….hard work!

When I visit…..I just see photographer heaven!  Wide open spaces, tall shade trees, paths and rustic charm galore!  There are so many magical areas that just yearn to have a precious family or child plunked down and captured.  Ahhhhhh…..I need some land….land with a maintenance crew….YES!

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Guys….calling all class of 2015 high school senior GUYS!  Yes, senior portrait sessions are often spearheaded by your awesome mom.  I know most reply with a shrug, a grumble. a….”yeah, OK” type of response. all the while you are hoping she forgets about it.

BUT, its a big time in your life, an important time and a moment to step-up and show the world just who you are and what you are all about.  I commit to you that I will make it painless, even pretty cool and in the end have you feeling pretty darn good about yourself.

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Houston Senior Photography

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