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There was the most gorgeous ballerina in The Woodlands, TX the other night, I swear….more majestic that spotting the Easter Bunny.  :-D Seriously, impossible to top…the elegance, the grace, the talent and beauty just exudes from the The woodlands College Park senior.  My heart bursts just looking at this.  I want it to be me, my daughter my friend, my neighbor, you name it!  Wasn’t the sky just perfect, too.  Thanks be to God on that one!Houston Senior Photographer

T2015-03-31_0002The Woodlands Senior Ballet PhotographyT2015-03-31_0003

The frightened ballerina,
standing on her toes
stood behind the curtain
in a dainty pose.
Having practiced faithfully
hour after hour,
inside her heart was pounding.
Outside her muscled power
overcame her fear.

The overture now playing,
each note was in her ear.
And as the curtain opened
it took away her fear.
The stage, the lights
became her love.
Each pirouette and leap
took her way above
into a different sphere.

The audience, mesmerized,
intent on every motion,
appreciation on their faces
showed deep emotion.
And as the music ended
she took her final bow.
No longer was
she frightened,
in fact emboldened now.
She knew why she was here.

To dance, to dance
at every given chance.
To hear the applause
and hear them call her name.
And so the ballerina
standing on her toes
so graceful and dainty
is awed as she does hear.
‘Bravo, bravo,
bravo, my dear.’

Houston Family Photographer

The green is back, the warm buttery sun is shining and it is time for springtime family love to be captured in Spring, TX.  Sweet giggles, freshly mowed lawns, twinkling eyes and dreams of summer.  The time is NOW and I love the energy in the air.


Grab your crew and hit the great outdoors.  Family walks, outdoor festivals are everywhere….click to check out some of the fabulous events in the area coming soon in The Woodlands, Texas.  There is no reason to stay inside, the HEAT is coming soon enough, right?!!?

The Woodlands Family PhotographyThe Woodlands Family Photographer

It is springtime in The Woodlands, Texas and senior photography sessions are blazing!  We faced some gloomy, dray, misty weather to kick it off, but the sun is out and shining!  That begs the question….”WHAT DO WE DO IF IT RAINS THE DAY OF MY SESSION??”  Well, here is my approach on it.

I stalk the weather like a crazy woman the entire week prior!  I have several apps on my phone that I compare, as I formulate a plan.  I always try to make the call before prep time would begin. I know that no one wants to end up with awesome hair and make-up on a day that doesn’t deserve anything more than a ponytail and sweatpants, right?  Cloudy weather can be perfectly OK, but here in Houston, TX, the humidity can be a beast so all things are considered.  If we do need to reschedule, we will work together and adjust.  There are times, that this happens a few times before mother nature truly delivers just the perfect day for us.  It is worth the wait.  I want you to feel on top of the world, not stressing if the weather is OK.

Take a look at these, just after the gloom lifted! <3

The Woodlands Senior Portraits


Classic in navy.  Just such a crisp, polished style that I adore!
Houston Senior Photography

Another great thing about early spring?  We can work in multiple styles as it is not too hot, yet.

The Woodlands Photographer